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Services Provided
  • Software Development
  • User Experience Strategy
  • Website Development
  • Mobile App
  • User Interface Design
  • Branding
  • Database Management
  • Ongoing Technical Support
  • API Integration
  • Private Cloud Hosting
  • Infrastructure Architecture
  • Web Design

EquipWare™ is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product designed to streamline the workflow and process for medical equipment, art, and furniture planning including procurement and installation. This online medical equipment planning system is designed to drive efficiencies and assist in controlling project costs by providing real-time access to project details including: budget, schedules, issue tracking, inventory, requisitions, specifications and much more.

The Challenge

Falkon built the original EquipWare™ system. Though the system still functioned after 13 years, plenty of new needs arose as well as the desire to turn it into a SaaS product.

Existing users wanted more customization options across the board, and management wanted a better way to use the system with clients for license agreements and digital signatures. They also wanted a rebrand for EquipWare™ to bring it into modern times and position the new EquipWare™ as the most advanced system and software of choice for medical equipment planning. Lastly, they needed a website to showcase the new product.

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Our Solution

Branding: Falkon developed EquipWare™’s new brand, including the logo, colors, pattern, typography, tone/personality, photography style, mascot (EquipBot) and mascot illustrations. We then translated this new brand into the new UX/UI, ensuring accessibility and brand consistency were top of mind.

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Infrastructure Architecture: Falkon built out EquipWare™’s production environment on our own servers.

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UX/UI: We held numerous discovery sessions with EquipWare™’s current users and the management team to understand their current pain points, likes, wishes, and true needs for the new system.

We designed 100+ mockups showing the revised desktop system as well as mobile app for tracking inventory and held various review sessions to walk through the new processes and design and receive user feedback.

Mockups included areas such as dashboards, customization settings, item catalog and editing, requisitions, reporting, and the entire inventory process.

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Development: Our team developed the new system while still providing technical support for the old system. In total, the UX/discovery phase resulted in a requirements list containing thousands of items. Through the entire development phase, we held regular iterative reviews with the client to show progress and get feedback every step of the way to ensure no surprises, and that the system would meet all of their wishes and goals.

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The Outcome

Falkon was able to turn this highly complex software into an easy-to-use, intuitive platform, greatly increasing employee efficiency.

EquipWare™ is available in 4 versions, with varying prices and features. All versions include extensive user customization abilities, including light/dark mode, customizable view settings, filters, and an option of side or top navigation bar. Reports can also be customized to add client logos to reports.

For clients, the new system offers simplified interfaces to avoid confusion, notifications for license agreement expiration, and the ability to do digital signatures, all of which is tracked by date and time.

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The new brand brought new life into the platform and, with all the new features and simplified processes, made EquipWare™ a highly sought-after product in the industry.

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I am happy to recommend the services of Falkon. Falkon has been working for my firm for the past 13 years. They do an excellent job and have done exactly what we’ve asked of them.

Julia Jones EquipWare Database Manager

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