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Services Provided:
  • Managed Services
  • Server Migration
  • Server Architecting
  • Technical Support/Troubleshooting
  • IT Managed Support

USA Plastic Surgery is a medical group practice that specializes in Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. After a double storage failure caused them to lose multiple years of data, they contacted Falkon to upgrade their network and provide an IT consultation for additional improvements.

The Challenge

USA Plastic Surgery came to Falkon in November 2020 after a double rate failure caused them to lose 2+ years of data. Falkon’s team deployed a data recovery specialist who was able to recover the lost data, but determined they needed a full overhaul of their entire environment.

The company staff were also using an old version of Microsoft programs which put them at greater risk of a security breach, and therefore at risk for potential patient privacy and HIPPA violations.

Our Solution

After recovering the lost 2+ years of data, Falkon was able to rebuild their environment with a virtualized setup.

We reviewed their overall environment, analyzed what was existing, both software and hardware-wise, and presented a list of suggested improvements to increase security and protect against potential future data loss while maintaining ease of access and providing better system stability for the staff.

Falkon virtualized both existing servers, upgraded the network firewall, built out a new VPN for improved work-from-home security, and updated all computers to Windows 10, improving security even further.

Additionally, Falkon made their Wi-Fi a more secure wireless network environment by providing a new Wi-Fi access point.

Mockup of Falkon's managed IT services used to migrate USA Plastic Surgery servers

The Outcome

Network security was greatly improved across the board and improving the Wi-Fi not only made access more secure but also more convenient for their staff. Falkon implemented both local (on-site) and cloud data backups, providing better stability and peace of mind for the staff at USA Plastic Surgery.

Additionally, we perform routine environment check-ups and system updates, ensuring seamless functionality and up-to-date security at all times.

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